Girl Politics; Are we friends or foes?

I am a girl, so you would think that being friends with another girl would be easy for me. We are in many ways, the same.   We like many of the same things, have a mutual understanding of what it is like to be a girl and we get how being a girl can sometimes be very hard.

You would think that we are allies in this fight we call life and that we would always have each other’s backs and wouldn’t engage each other in any practice that we would be hurt by ourselves.


You, my friend, would be wrong because the world of a female friendship is a minefield. Even within the most trusted and closest female friendship there is always a level of competition, a degree of back stabbing and probably quite a high level of bitching. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love our friends and that we wouldn’t kill anyone that dared to do the same to them as we have just done, but under all the hugs and smiley face emoji’s, girls cannot seem to stop letting politics get in the way.

There are unspoken rules to being friends with girls; things that you just know you can or cannot get away with that if followed correctly means that you will be mates for life, but break a single one and you will find yourself shunned forever!


If your friend likes a boy, even if he has no interest in her at all, you must NEVER date him, think about him, say hi to him or look prettier than her in front of him. It is a classic rule and one that has been broken many, many times with disastrous repercussions.

Rule Number Two: NEVER by the outfit she wants but can’t afford.

She will never tell you how much she hates you for it, but buying the outfit she wants but has to wait for pay day for is such a horrible thing to do she will picture ripping you out of it and breaking your face.

Rule Number Three: If your mate hates someone, you hate them too.

Petty; yes however girl friends are like tribes. Disrespect a member of the tribe and they will close ranks. As you get older, you try to accept that your friends will be friends with people you don’t like and will look all mature about it. Don’t be fooled, they still hate the fact that you didn’t pick their side. It’s just one of those things that we will never grow out of.

Rule Number Four: EX’S ARE OFF LIMITS.

Why anyone would want to go with the ex of a friend is beyond me, especially if their break up was bad, but it happens a lot and unless your friend is the most understanding person ever, it will more than likely cause ripples in your friendship.

Rule Number Five: Never upload a picture of them to social media unless they approve it first

Posting a picture of your mate looking fat / drunk / frumpy /caught off guard will be laughed off to your face but scowled about behind your back and will almost always be seen as a direct and purposeful attack on her online presence. After all, she didn’t sit and take 200 selfies to get the one perfect profile picture for you to destroy all her hard one in one snap!

Being a girl is difficult to say the least, and as much as we would like to think that we are all part of a sisterhood, the truth is, some of us are not. My new years resolution is to ensure that I try and do my part to try to change this.  Age does give you the benefit of being able to see what does and doesn’t really matter and trust me, fighting against other girls just doesn’t cut the grade of things I want to spend my limited leisure time on.

Now, group hug??


One thought on “Girl Politics; Are we friends or foes?

  1. I honestly do not understand Number 1 or 4. You like who you like. They broke up for a reason. Especially if she was the one ending the relationship, it shouldn’t matter at all. But maybe one has to be older, or detached from I dunno whatever it is that makes these “rules” work. We are humans. There’s already so little love in this world, why regulate, confine and imprison it? Maybe they didn’t fit. Maybe you two really do. No one owns anyone else. Not inside a relationship and especially not afterwards.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to flirt with anything my best friend is interested in, and would be tactful should something with an ex of them transpire (hypothetically speaking) but eh… I am not a fan of black & white never ever ever never.

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