Dear Kim K, Put it Away

My job requires me to be on the internet for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Take a moment to imagine how much of that time is spent scrolling past Kim Kardashian and her band of sisters and you may start to understand why I am getting slightly annoyed by her.


This week, however she has managed to get under my skin.

Not, as many of you will believe, because I am jealous of her.  NOT because I am in some way ‘slut shaming’ or ‘body shaming’ her, which I am constantly accused of.

I am annoyed because yet again she has taken a picture of her naked body for attention, and has hidden behind some kind of empowerment message.

Call me old fashioned if you like, but I can’t buy into this ‘naked is empowered’ bullshit that this generation of women is trying to sell to us all, as if the only way to stick two fingers up at men and to gain recognition in this world is to shove my tits and vag into the faces of millions of people over the internet and then accuse anyone that isn’t impressed by it of ‘slut shaming’ or ‘body shaming’.

I am not calling her a slut; I personally think that using sexually derogative names or either gender is awful and we are all entitled to sex and the pleasure it brings us.

I am also not shaming her body.  Although not entirely sure how much of that image is her actual body and how much is photoshopped and filtered, I think she has a fantastic body and I can see why she is proud of it.  I think beauty comes in every form and is very much in the eye of the beholder anyway so would never dream of judging someone based on my personal opinion of what they look like.

What enrages me is that this image of empowerment and talentless fame actually does the opposite.  It isn’t empowering to show someone my vagina and then say ‘it’s my right to shove it in your face’.  In her retort to online ‘haters’ she wrote that we need to stop going on about her sex video ‘it was THIRTEEN years ago’……I’m sorry to say this Kim, but if you would like us all to forget that the only reason we even know who you or your family are is because you filmed and released your own sex tape then maybe keeping your lovely body under some clothing or, God forbid, your husbands eyes, we might be able to.

Or is that what you are worried about?

It seems that whenever the dust starts to settle on her, or is in fact all about her husband, a new naked photo comes out.  Very convenient.

To say that she is ‘exploiting a system that is already flawed’ also enrages me.  Don’t shrug and say ‘oh well, if there was no market for it, she wouldn’t do it so it’s societies fault’ is utter BULLSHIT.


WE ARE SOCIETY.  And if women stopped allowing themselves to be used in this way, then the market would HAVE to change.  The fact of the matter is, women, however savvy they may be, are choosing money over a chance to really stand up and say ‘there is more to us as a gender than what meets the eye’.


So I will take this opportunity to say, Kim Kardashian, put on some clothes and please find a talent that you can empower yourself and other women with that doesn’t involve attention seeking, naked selfies.



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