Still Struggling with your Eyebrows?

Rewind five years and I bet you barely gave your eyebrows a second though.  The odd pluck here and there but that was it.

2015 saw the rise of the humble eyebrow and since then it has taken over every girls make up routine.  It is firmly THE beauty trend of the last few years and is even starting to define a generation (we’ve all seen the feather brow, although might be best to just forget we ever did if you ask me!) Finding the right shape is key to enhance your facial features so it is no surprise that some of us are struggling, even with the use of knifes, protractors, spoons and whatever else the biggest Beauty Vloggers are using today.

When you get it right, filling in your eyebrows can make your face take on a whole new shape; just look at Cara Delavigne who is firmly to blame for this lust of the bigger, fuller brow.

When you get it wrong though, you are subject to ridicule and will probably end up on social media in yet another ‘nailed it’ meme.

Knowing how to get it right is vital, so I asked my brow expert friend to give us her top tips for defining your ‘brows.

Get the colour right:  Rule of thumb (or brow in this case) the colour of the filler you use, whether pencil or powder should never be darker than the darkest part of your hair.  Blondes should NOT be filling in in dark brown or black, or you risk looking like you scribbled them on using a Sharpie.  Match to the colour of the brow hairs you already have as they can be a different shade to your natural hair colour.

Don’t over fill:  Too many times you see girls that have gone past filling in and have started to draw on eyebrows that just aren’t there.  The look you are after is a nice, natural brow so you should be following what you have already.  Think enhance rather than replace.  Block eyebrows are a thing of the past.

Preparation is key: The best start would be to go to a professional and get your eyebrows shaped first so that you have a great framework to start with before reaching for the pencil.  If this isn’t an option for you, then buy a brow comb and a decent set of tweezers and spend some time in front of the mirror.  Comb the brows in the direction of growth and then carefully tweeze out any that fall out of the line.  Do not give in to the temptation to over pluck!  Less is more when it comes to plucking!

Get the right tools: The market is flooded with eyebrow products at the moment, however by far the leader is a good, firm sharpened pencil that blends well.  Brow gels are popping up all over the place and they are amazing for taming the hairs into shape.

Master the art of shading: Start from the inner corners and lightly feather in your brows to the upper arches using tiny lines.  Elongate the brow slightly beyond the outer edges.  Take a step back and assess the shape you have created and if it looks a little too hard, use a short angled brow brush to blend and soften the effect.

Like any make up trick, it takes time and practice to get it right and as this trend doesn’t seem to want to go away, mastering the technique will have you brow confident and beautiful!


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