The ‘Group Chat’ Epidemic

The ‘Group Chat’ Epidemic

I am currently in TWELVE group chats. And that is on Facebook alone.

Add to this WhattsApp and I am in FIFTEEN group chats, most of which are with the same group of people. It’s exhausting!

There’s the ‘Barcelona’ chat, that has all 29 people I’m going on holiday in it, where we started by discussing the details of the trip and it was a great way to get to know everyone before we fly, but has now descended into a free for all chat where we discuss everything and anything.

There is also the ‘Barca Bitches’ chat, where we talk about how we are doing with the gym, support each other on our bad days (otherwise known to me as ‘eat everything in sight’ days) and keep each other motivated. This is my favourite chat by far and has given me days of entertainment and lots of giggles!

The ‘Let’s have dinner soon’ chat

The ‘Who fancies paint ball’ chat

The ‘Booking tickets for the cinema, who’s in’ chat

The ‘OMG did anyone see MIC’ chat

The list is endless and as nice as it is to be involved in all of these chats, it is time consuming and confusing and there are far too many times where I think I’m in one chat and I’m really in another and I post the wrong thing and then there is another chat created to discuss the wrong comment I have just posted……..

I’m surprised that I ever get any work done or any sleep!

We seem to be living more and more of our lives on social media and the group chat appears to be the at the epicenter of it all.

As we speak, there is a little flashing chat pop up I’m now in where we are discussing eyelash extensions before we go abroad.

“I’m going today…can’t spend another month waiting for holiday…I’m beady eyed!”

I was invited to a gig the other day. In the past, the verbal invite and my acceptance to go would have been enough, but now, you need to also be put into the group chat for it as well.

“I’ll add you to the chat group we have about the gig Vik, all details are in there”

And yes they are, but at the top. Of a month long chat. That goes on for at least 20 full page scrolls of people talking about everything else apart from the gig itself which is what the chat was created for in the first place!

Ask your mates what they think and you get the same replies; they too seem to be drained about the group chat and the amount of them they are in, but ask if why they don’t leave the chat or mute them, all the replies are the same; “Don’t want to miss anything”

And they are right. Once you are in a group chat, you are in a group chat for life. It’s like buying a lottery ticket with fixed numbers back in 1994; you need to keep playing those numbers in case you win and you know the minute you stop, something amazing will happen and you weren’t part of it.

Anyway, I better go, someone has just posted a picture of their cat doing something cute in the ‘Look how cute my pet is’ chat I’m in 😉


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