The REAL reason your little sisters is awesome.

Over the weekend whilst scrolling through Facebook, I saw an article that was entitled ‘Why your little sister is your biggest blessing’ and as I am myself, a little sister, I was intrigued to find out why I was so awesome and then share with my big sister so she too could bask in my awesomeness.

Clicking the link, I sat back, already smug about how brilliant I was about to feel; HOWEVER the article was complete rubbish.

Point number one: ‘She makes you want to be a better person’……..blergh

Point number two: ‘She will forever keep you young’…….double blergh.

And so it went on, with its absolute tosh of points about la-de-dah bullshit that anyone with a little sister knows to be absolute drivel.

So I decided, as a little sister, I would give you the REAL reasons that little sisters are awesome and here they are.

  1. She has helped you to perfect being a detective

I, like every little sister would listen for the front door closing that signalled my older sibling leaving the house. This was my cue to go into her room and ‘liberate’ some of her more exciting possessions. Trying on the clothes that you were ‘still too young’ to be allowed to buy. Putting her new lipstick (probably Rimmels ‘heather shimmer’ if you were growing up in the 90’s) firmly in your pocket and sharply leaving her room. This meant that on returning to her room, she instantly knew that something was amiss.

And so followed an afternoon of detective work; interrogating suspects (me) and interviewing witnesses (Mum and the goldfish) before searching for clues. If you grew up to be a police officer or private eye, your little sister helped with that so…you’re welcome.

  1. She probably took the blame for you once or twice

It is very easy to talk your little sibling into believing that they did something that, in fact, you did and therefore taking the blame and you getting off scott free. It’s not our fault we were gullible, I mean, why would our older brothers and sisters want to con us?

  1. We were very good at talking our parents into giving us stuff.

We are smaller and cuter and very hard to say no to and for some reason, our parents like to say yes to us more than to you (if you are to be believed anyway).

  1. We would pretty much do anything to make you think we were cool

Wanna see us jump out of a tree into a prickle bush? Done

Heard about coke and mentos but don’t want to hold the bottle yourself? No problem

Younger sisters are so happy to do stuff to be seen as older and cool that they will pretty much say yes to anything you want them to, as long as you promise two things: It isn’t going to hurt and you’ll get Mum if it goes wrong.


  1. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too

Christmas and birthdays basically mean that you got two lots of presents; what your parents bought you and what your parents bought your younger siblings. You could pull rank as the older one and play with whatever you wanted, which made it yours by proxy. This also covers food.

So basically, your little sister is a bit of a legend. Make sure you tell her next time you see her…..and buy her stuff J


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