Why being a Dj’s Girlfriend rocks!

Dj’s, and their profession get a very bad rep.  Often seen as cheesy human jukeboxes or sleazes that will sleep with anything that dances in front of their booth, there is not a lot of good press out there for them. Just today I read an awful (both in writing skill and in opinion) article named ‘Being a DJ’s Girlfriend is fucking shit’ and from the title alone it is easy to see that she has clearly been burnt by an ex who happened to be a DJ and is lashing out.   Classy by the way, classy.

And even though the above do exist ( I know one particular ‘Dj’ that encompasses both of the above), I am here to set the record straight and to ensure that there is a balanced view on these often misunderstood men and women.

10801781_619289468201615_363525124193251850_nAs a DJ’s girlfriend, I am in a great position to judge.  Me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly three years now and that is a lot of weekends.

My boss is a happily married DJ.  Most of my friends are either DJ’s or girlfriends of DJ’s. It’s safe to say, on the grand scheme of things, I know a lot of DJ’s.

With any relationship and with many professions, there is  always going to be something that is hard to deal with.  Life doesn’t care that you are in love and want things to last forever.

No matter where they work, there will at some point inevitably be a girl or a guy that will also think your partner is amazing and want to try and keep them for themselves.  It is not just DJ’s that cheat on their partners after all.  When your friend tells you her boyfriend cheated, your first response is not ‘What job did he do?’….as it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what job he does.  If he is going to put his penis in another woman, then he will do it whether he works a 9-5, behind a bar or in bank (and lets be honest, those bastards fuck all of us at one point of another!)968996_10151502667937617_1585677684_n

Sure, not everyone’s job means that they have drunk women dancing in front of them every night, but just because someone puts a cake in front of you it does not mean you have to eat it and I hate to break it to you all, but women make up over half of the worlds population and they are everywhere.  They don’t just try to sleep with people in nightclubs.

Having a DJ as a boyfriend is actually pretty great.  I haven’t queued or paid to get into club or a bar for over three years.  Bonus.

I want a track playing on a night out…done!  The bar staff all know me so I hardly ever have to wait long to get served for a drink.

I get to watch a room full of people clap and cheer my boyfriend for making their night one to remember.

11181847_655503834580178_6902470061156951965_nI have been to festivals I would never have gone to, met people that I would never have met and experienced more of the World than I ever would have had, had I been with someone different.

His job makes him and myself appreciate each other more.  He tried harder to make me feel like a Queen that shits out diamonds because he is aware that part of his job puts him in situations with other girls that may make me feel uncomfortable.

We ensure that the nights we do share a bed, we make the most of it.

I also have the BEST iTunes library you will ever see and I haven’t had to pay for a single track.  Dragged and dropped from his frankly obscene music collection that spans decades and genres.999062_10151792897465575_1280773383_n

I get to go in the booth or on the stage with him and experience his job with him….how many other jobs allow that?!

My life is a blur of parties and fun times and wristbands and photos and events and music and his profession makes me feel alive by proxy!

He comes home to me after every gig, with a kiss, a hug and an ‘I love you’.

DJ’s get a bad rep and they don’t deserve it at all.

If your boyfriend makes you feel like shit, then it is because of who he is as a person, nit what job he is in.

Stop bitching about being a ‘DJ’s girlfriend’, after all the chances are they were a DJ when you met them and you should never try and change someone just because the reality of being with them is not what you expected it to be.

I love my DJ boyfriend and if that means that some times I dance alone next to his booth to support him, or carry his cd cases around or have to be nice to Promo people for the sake of his career than you bet your arse I will. I will stand with aching arms to film his sets, or fill my phone memory with pics of him at the decks.

Because MY DJ boyfriend is amazing and he deserves it all.



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