5 things to do when you lose your boyfriend to Fallout 4

Gamers everywhere have gotten very excited as the announcement of Fallout 4 has been officially released. Boyfriends, husbands, brothers and cousins all over the world have already switched off to the rest of their lives in anticipation and us girls have let out a collective sigh with ‘Great just lost my boyfriend for 6 weeks’ status’ popping up all over the place.

But all is not lost and there are some advantages to suddenly having lots of time to spend by yourself.

  1. Catch up on your favourite TV

If you are anything like me, then time alone normally means binge watching something that my boyfriend hates. Made in Chelsea on catch up for example! With him otherwise excused, you are free to watch whatever you like for as long as you like!

  1. Pamper Night!

Face mask; check! Spa booties; Check! Large glass of wine; definitely check! Slap on the beauty products, paint those nails and preen yourself to the max

  1. Do those things you do when you’re all alone

As Carrie once outlined on Sex and the City, we all have those things we do that we wouldn’t want our boyfriends to see us do. Plucking hair out of your chin, reading a trashy novel , watching ‘Friends’ in your pants whist eating a whole chicken…whatever it is it feels gooood and there will be plenty of time to do it!

  1. Get the girls together

 Call them all, start a group chat, light up the Bat signal….whatever you do make sure that you grab the girls and either have a night in with a movie or get your dancing shoes on and hit the town. Alternatively, take each other on a girl date. Me and my friends get dressed up for each other and take it in turns to buy each other dinner. Feels great and you don’t have to shave your legs!

  1. Enjoy your own company

If your boyfriend is a hard core gamer, he will probably not come up for air for a while, so take yourself out for the day. Hop on a train and explore a new city. On your own you can go where you want, when you want. Spend hours in one department store without having to check he hasn’t hung himself on a display tie. Take your time to do what you want.

Whatever it is you chose to do with your time, you can either be resentful of him forgetting you exist for a game or you can use that time to reconnect with yourself. I know that I will be taking that opportunity to decorate the flat in the colour he has said no to for months! After all, it’s not like he will notice 😉


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