‘Just Lobster’ for me!

This weekend has been a good one. Friday night saw me tearing up the dance floor in my home town for some much needed girl time, where I danced the night away and sent far too many Snapchats!

Saturday was a day of recovery, where I barely moved from the sofa; all wrapped up in a quilt like a human burrito, watching rubbish films and feeling a little sorry for myself, however for a change, Sunday took the prize for being the best day of the weekend for me.

My friend Tracy and I live quite far apart and middle ground for us is the fine city of Norwich, which is my happy place due to its rich creative influences, massive selection of eateries serving all manner of tasty delights and just the right amount of shopping to please any retail junkie.

A few days before, I had been sent a link to a new restaurant in Norwich called ‘Just Lobster’, who serves what you would expect; just lobsters. They also serve crab, oysters and a small selection of seafood items, however lobster is their main focus.

Deciding my heart was set on eating lobster, I started to invite friends and Tracy piped up with an enthusiastic ‘I’m in’, so we booked a table to 13:30 on Sunday and frantically started searching for lobster emoji’s to flood our newsfeed with.

‘Just Lobster’ is located on Norwich’s well known restaurant hotspot; Tombland, which is located in the city centre. Parking is not on site, however there is ample parking dotted about all of which is just a short walk away.

1013479_10152790663872181_485636589765907171_nWe met on the steps outside the restaurant and after a quick hug we stepped inside the beach hut themed lobby. White painted wooden panelled walls, with beachy looking painted artwork and reed like plants instantly transport you from the streets of a city centre to being beach side; salty scents of seafood drift through the air and greet your nose and I swear if you closed your eyes and listened hard enough you would hear the ocean.

Our waitress met us with a smile and a casual hello before leading us to our table, 1780686_10152790662942181_8735198405969822725_nwhich was wood topped and had deep seated plastic chairs that were perfect for lounging back whilst you wait for your food.

The menu is small and thin, but contains pretty much anything you could expect to be done with a lobster. There is ‘just lobster’ which comes in small, big or half and each is served with skinny fries, a small side salad and a half ear corn on the cob. Prices for this signature dish vary from around £25-£36, and you can add sides from the menu for around £4 each.

11357845_1594768950797230_1724696020_nAfter looking over the menu, me and Tracy both decided on the same thing; Surf n Turf, which was a half a lobster served on a wooden board with a cut of steak cooked to your liking and the skinny fries /corn /salad combo. This was a great choice and the steak was cooked just as well as I would expect from a steak house. I have mine rare and it was perfectly done so; brown round the outside and juicy and pink throughout. The lobster was succulent and juicy and it wasn’t as difficult to crack open and pick out the white and oink meat as I thought it would be. It was actually a lot of fun and we were laughing our way through the meal from start to finish.

Dipped in melted butter, the lobster flavour is enhanced and I cannot liken it to anything else I have ever eaten. I can see why it is a luxury item in fancy restaurants and also why the price is higher than maybe you would expect. For the surf and turf pictured, it cost £36 and with a drink of San Pellegrino on top, I was happy to pay my half of the bill.

11390255_10152790662992181_1941914368491462184_nThey offer desserts and coffees on their menu; however we had been promised cheesecake from our waitress friend round the corner at Loch Fyne, so declined the waitresses offer of a dessert menu and left.

I was so excited about going to Just Lobster that I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to expectations, however I needn’t of been concerned. The food was spectacular and I could easily have stayed there till I was hungry again and ordered another!

The service was pretty awesome as well, and even though our waitress had only started the day before, she was friendly and joined in with our banter and went to find out the answers to any questions we had.

I would recommend Just Lobster to anyone that wants to try this particular seafood. Be warned though, as the name suggests this is a lobster restaurant so don’t go expecting to order anything other than lobster, crab or oysters as there is no alternative menu.

If you have been, I would love to hear about your experience so comment below.

Visit ‘Just Lobsters’ website here


5 thoughts on “‘Just Lobster’ for me!

  1. I haven’t been to Just Lobster but when my Mom, Sis & I visited Maine, I had the best lobster of my life !

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