Drunk advice could actually be the best advice!

This Bank Holiday weekend, I did what a large proportion of the UK did and I got drunkedy, drunk drunk!

Not in a fall down, kebab-in-my-hair way, but the kind of drunk where you stand in the bar with friends and start to deliver advice.

On everything.

Whether they asked you or not.

However, in this case, I’m pretty sure they did ask; maybe?

I have recently made some new friends and have settled in with them quite well. We are all still at that stage where we are learning about each other though and one of the things that I have learnt about one of my friends is that they, like me, are a perpetual over thinker.

For those who aren’t aware, an over thinker is someone that literally cannot stop thinking about everything, all of the time. You even think about things that haven’t happened yet.   Or won’t happen. Or have happened and everything in between.

You take the smallest thing and think about it from every possible angle in every possible way until you have convinced yourself that it is a million times worse than it actually was and you start to feel emotions about the imaginary things you have thought about and it all becomes real.

My friend and I were talking about this and a million other things whilst drunk on Friday and from somewhere, deep in my gin soaked brain I came up with a solution. And on sober reflection, it was actually quite good!

“Take everything that you think about, whether it is an actual worry right down to the really small things that don’t really matter but you think about anyway. Then, in your head, make each one a red balloon with the problem written on it. Then, starting with the smaller ones, picture yourself letting go of the balloon and watching it float away. Into the air and out of view. Slowly, work your way through the balloons until there are none left!”

My friend’s drunk face suddenly seemed to clear a little, like I had said something so very profound it had actually sobered them up a little.

“You, you, you know what mate, you’re actually pretty switched on ain’t ya” they slurred back at me and we went about our night like it had never happened.

The thing is, since then, I have thought about my balloon method and have tried to use it myself and it kind of works! I started small. What to wear to pop to town. I took that worry (because it doesn’t matter what I wear) and wrote it on a balloon and let it go, threw on some clothes and left the house. Marvellous! And then every time I started to over think, I pictured the balloon floating away. A girl looked me up and down. Instead of worrying that she was being negative and I had picked the wrong outfit, I remembered my balloon and carried on walking.

Just today, my friend has said they will be using the balloon method on some of their more pressing issues and will keep me updated.

Maybe, when drunk, we actually do unlock a part of our brain that our sober selves can’t access and maybe, just maybe, drunken advice is the best advice!


13 thoughts on “Drunk advice could actually be the best advice!

  1. Great post! The balloon idea is a very positive way of releasing those thoughts and worry! Life is so much more enjoyable when we can just have fun and not over think and over worry about things! Glad you had a positive story about drinking! Have a great weekend and keep up the awesome work!

  2. I think you could be onto something!!! Lolol that totally made sense and if actually great advice. I’m an avid overthinking, it’s so frustrating when you just can’t stop THINKING ekkkk

    1. I’m also an avid terrible typer. I’m just going to make that my life motto. DECODE MY REPLIES BECAUSE MY FINGERS ARE TOO FAT AND THE BUTTONS ARE TOO LITTLE – Holly Housewife

    2. It is! I thought it was normal to be like that and then I tried to explain it to my friends and my boyfriend and realised that I must be processing the world around me in a completely different way! I’ve learnt to calm it down now and even embrace it; being able to think about every possible outcome is actually really beneficial at work as my ideas are tested before I even tell anyone about them! 🙂

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