5 Things NO ONE tells you about fitness

Search ‘fitness’ in Google Images.  Go on, I’ll wait…..

Page after page of happy looking people, bright gym clothes and teeth and all with one thing in common; MASSIVE SMILES.

Do a video search and watch any video on fitness; all the people are smiling, chatting away and then congratulating each other on a great workout.

Same with pictures of gyms on websites. Lots of smiling, no sweating.

WELL, it may look like this after you’ve been going for a while, I don’t know as I’m only 7 weeks in HOWEVER, in those 7 weeks I have found out some truths about fitness that NO ONE told me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are BAD things, most of them are good, but a little preparation would have been nice lol!

Not one of my fit or sporty mates, not Facebook posts or even Pinterest prepared me for the following things, so fuck it, I’m gonna tell you all.

1. Exercise HURTS – Of course, if you do it wrong it’s going to hurt you as you will undoubtedly injure yourself but that’s not what I mean.  My whole body from shoulders to toes aches almost constantly in one way or another. This also has stopped me from sleeping as I am constantly fidgiting and can’t get comfortable

2. TIRED!!!! – I used to sit up till midnight easily; now I’m lucky if I’m still awake at 10pm!  Sit me somewhere warm and I will undoubtedly fall asleep.  It is a better sleep than what I was getting and I clearly need it but I feel a little lied to regarding this ‘energised’ state that people talk about when they  workout….it just makes me sleepy!!

3. CONSTANTLY HUNGRY- I have never, ever in my life wanted to eat as much as I do now! It is a great thing as it means my body is working like it should but I’m filling my day with food (good food I may add) and not much else! It’s odd going from having IBS and a slow metabolism (I don’t remember ever being hungry really, just eating when I thought I should) to this new, efficient digestive system that demands fuel!

4. You shouldn’t LOOK GOOD at the gym – If you go to the gym in full make up and leave looking the same YOU HAVEN’T WORKED OUT RIGHT plus you look like a dick. Wearing make up to the gym is ridiculous. It’s the one place where it’s ok to look like shit because you are all there to make yourself look better everywhere else!  I leave the gym looking like I’ve just been running for my life and have fallen down a few rock faces on the way.  I had make up on once as I forgot my facewipes and it was CASCADING down my face along with the sweat.  There was a girl next to me that had fake eyelashes on and more make up than a drag queen on a special occasion walking on the treadmill and texting….PLEASE! Why even bother!

5. You become one of THEM people – Ok, ok I will admit, even with all of the above, you do start to love exercise.  Your body rewards you after all with all sorts of chemicals to make sure you do it and it does become addictive.  This however means that you will become, no matter how hard you resist, one of those people that talks about it a LOT, and sometimes whether anyone asked you or not! You judge your day based on how good your workout was.  You plan the rest of your life around your ‘date’ with the gym and you start to offer people advice on their fitness, again without being asked

I had it in my head that it would be fun and easy and I would get instant results and the reality is, in the beginning, your body is being punished a little.  It is punishing you for all the times you took the elevator instead of the stairs, or had chips instead of vegetables.  But after a while, one of two things will happen; it will get better and you will not feel punished anymore or you’ll get used to all of the above and do it anyway.

For me, the above list is annoying but when I hit that 5k or I shave 3 minutes off my last time and when I put on a dress this morning that had previously been tight and now it fits; THAT’S why I’m still going.  And I am hopeful that eventually, it will balance out and my body will adjust and I can at least get a few of those things on my list to go.  I just would have liked a little heads up first so I knew what I was getting myself into!

Do you have any tips for me on how to shake off the above list?  What fitness walls did you come up against and how did you fight through them?  let me know 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 Things NO ONE tells you about fitness

    1. If you have never touched exercise or fitness then how would you know?

      Of course you expect aches but I didn’t expect it to be so bad I couldn’t sleep or sit still at my desk. It seems like common sense when you know but when all you are shown is happy people smiling, its a bit of a shock just how different the reality is

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