What Sunday’s were made for…Photography, Shopping, cocktails and chill time

This Sunday has been by far one of my favourite in a long time; partly because I spent it in one of my most loved cities, mostly because it was a day dedicated to me and Mark and little bit because I got to have a Starbucks and bought some new earrings! IMG_0120

I know, I know, materialistic but I don’t care even a little bit.

It started with my first swim in a long time.  This was prompted by an intense workout the day before which had left me stiff and sore, but gently paddling about in the water and sitting in a steam room for a while worked wonders and left me feeling better than I had done in ages.  And anyone that says doggy paddle isn’t a real swimming technique can kiss my butt because I was absolutely shattered by the end of it!

I followed this with a quick coffee at my local Costa and then trundled home to wake Mark up and get ready for our photo shoot in Norwich.

Our friend Jessica is a photographer, and we had asked her to do some shots of me 10930029_951933288173709_5639522010929665117_nand Mark, one so I can finally give my Mum a nice picture of us for her ‘family frame’ (at the moment there is one blank space as everyone else has managed to get a pic sent over) and two so that Jess would have some new couples shots for her website which is due to be live soon.  I love it when one stone kills two birds so nicely!

With Jess living in Norwich (and the fact we never need much of an excuse to go over) we packed up the car and headed over to meet her at the Forum.  The weather the day before had been lovely and sunny but Sunday, the clouds had decided to come together and we were a little worried about the rain.  We started on the steps of the Forum, just some warm up shots to make us feel at ease and we talked Jess through what kind of couple we are; cheeky and more like best friends that joke about and as we started to mess about and chat, she snapped away and we all giggled at the results.  She’d captured us brilliantly already and this made us both relax and start to enjoy it.

11021166_951933268173711_5200830446700377226_nMoving into the market place that is synonymous with Norwich, we ducked the pigeons and Jess captured  this great shot of me laughing at Mark; it’s such a great moment because it was real, not posed for in anyway.

Jess has a great way of making you forget she’s there until she needs to move you along and it really did feel like we were just having a normal day in the city, rather than being snapped.

A few more locations, and a few hundred more clicks of the camera and we were rained off and had to head for cover, but Jess assured us she had some amazing shots and promised to send over a sneak peek that evening for us to see.

11008796_951933218173716_6973435598462801428_n 20513_951933264840378_609152610456432887_n

We parted ways and after a bit of shopping, some cocktails and a nibble to eat, we hit the cinema to see Jupiter Ascending at the IMAX.  Not the best film if I’m honest; the storyline was weak, the acting from Mila Kunis was pretty shocking as well but what it lacked in substance it made up for visually.  The CGI was astounding and in 3D it was spectacular, with some of the scenes in space looking far too real! 10991192_606679166129312_7130998430179161422_n

After a drive home in the pouring rain, we got home to find that Jess had been quick off the mark and had already sent over six pictures for us to see.  I loved them all and can’t wait to see what else she captured!

I rolled into bed with a massive smile on my face as I was pretty sure I had just had one hell of a perfect Sunday!

To see more of Jess’s work visit her Facebook page here


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