Danielle’s Story – Battling body issues & winning!

When you first start to change your lifestyle, it can become very easy to lose yourself in your own goals and targets. You can easily forget that other people are all doing the same as you in one way or another and this is especially true when you are making big changes to big areas of your life like I am.

You HAVE to focus on what you’re trying to change all the time in order to stay on track until the new routine becomes habit (which can take a while!) Since starting my new fit and healthy life, I have become interested in hearing about others.

What made them start, and stop, their new routine?  Was the trigger positive or negative and how are they doing now? My first guest blog is from Danielle, who I met on a blogging group on Facebook and who’s story interested me.

I’ve chosen to showcase her story as it has both big differences and similarities to my own, and I think you will enjoy reading her fitness journey.

Danielle is a 30 something, born and raised in the south of England, a qualified Make-up artist, beauty therapist and cosmetic tattooist, now working Full time in digital media. Danielle did what, is a Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle blog

Blog: daniellealinia.com

“For years I battled with self-body issues, caught up in a constant cycle of restrictionBefore,_and_12_weeks_after_veg and binge eating. I excessively weighed myself, two to three times a day, often over dosed on laxatives and purged my food. As you can imagine I constantly loathed myself and quite frankly I was exhausted from the secrecy, shame and lies. I tried to recover many times but found myself back where I started.  I developed food allergies and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and In 2009 I had to have my gallbladder removed. My doctor told me I needed to clean up my diet that I couldn’t carry on consuming such high saturated fat food without consequences, so I looked into cleaning eating and discovered Paleo, which I stuck to for about a year.

Although some of my symptoms lessened, I still struggled with disordered eating. Things drastically changed for me last April (2014) when I went off meat, I think I had consumed so much of it that I just couldn’t face eating it anymore. After cutting out meat from my meals for a few days I started to notice a change, I felt more energised…Year_ago_and_nowI guess you could even say happier, and so I started looking into vegetarianism. I discovered juicing, and the raw food scene, (I also discovered that I am lactose intolerant so I eat a predominantly vegan diet – I don’t eat eggs either) and as each day went passed I truly felt amazing.

My skin was glowing, My IBS symptoms vanished and in as little as 12 weeks I had lost all of the bloating and water retention I was storing. I now had energy to exercise, and for the first time in years I felt happy. I am proud to say that it’s coming up to a year, and in that time I have not relapsed to my disorderly eating, and I actually like what I see in the mirror now. If anyone would like to ask me more questions about my journey, please feel free to e-mail me daniellealiniablog@gmail.com”raw_diet


  1. How did you feel about fitness before you made the change?

Before I made the change, I didn’t have the motivation or energy for that matter to consider fitness as an option, which is a shame because I do believe that exercise is the best cure for depression.

  1. Had you tried and failed to make these changes before and if so, what kept making you start again?

Having children, in particular my daughter. I was constantly worried that I would pass my distorted body image to her.

  1. What do you love most about your lifestyle changes?

Being able to eat in abundance and not feel guilty about it. Never feeling sluggish or bloated. And waking up every morning with a flat stomach. (Also people say my skin glows and I look younger than my age!)

  1. What is your motivational quote to others looking to start their own fitness journey?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are plenty of people willing to do that for you. Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do. Even mistakes mean you’re trying.

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