Hitting a Personal Best

So, regular readers will know that I have recently began a ‘fitness journey’  I hate that term and used to endlessly mock anyone that used it but, as it seems, it is actually quite fitting.

My first two months of membership saw me flounder about on the treadmill a bit until I got a little bit hot, lift a few weights and try and figure out a reason NOT to come tomorrow.

January hit and with my holiday in June looming I knuckled down and forced myself to go every day that I had free.  Many, many times I wanted to go home.  Every time someone looked better than me or had perfect form, or gave me a funny look when I started a routine, BUT I have persevered and last night it paid off.

It’s hard to stay with your ‘fitness journey’ when you feel like you are putting your all in, but it’s too early for the results of your labour to show.  Just five continuous weeks is not long enough for a massive weight or inch loss, so what do you look for as encouragement?  I had no idea until last night.  Last night was nothing special, just another night at the gym after work where I felt tired and unmotivated.  I started my usual treadmill warm up,put in the headphones and started to jog whilst blankly staring at The Simpsons and trying not to look at the clock.

After what I felt had been 5 minutes had passed, I looked at the screen of the treadmill with my finger poised over the ‘stop workout’ button and I noticed that I had been running for 7 minutes!  And I hadn’t died!

So very much like Forrest Gump when he reached the ocean, I put my finger back into a little fist of determination and decided to keep running.  Ten minutes went by without a stitch or a cough.  12 minutes, which had been my previous personal best ticked over to 13 before I knew it.

Something ignited within me and I decided to keep going and see what I could hit.

By the time 21 minutes had been reached, I was still feeling fine and I could have kept going but I had to stop and get my arm and ab workout done before Mark finished his 10013128_598047540325808_1580949800493034229_nchest reps downstairs so I stopped.

Pride was literally beaming out of my face (well, that and sweat) and I became THAT person that tales a picture of their workout summary and I shared that little bitch all over social media for the world to see 🙂

Some people reading this may say ‘pfft, 2.71km in 21:06? That’s not very fast’….and they may be right.  Condescending, but right.

HOWEVER, when you have never ran for anything, not even a bus, in a very long time, have smoked for 18 years and have quit 5 months previous AND was very much in need of SOMETHING to show for my efforts IT IS A BLOODY GREAT BIG DEAL!

So for anyone that is just starting out or has been slugging away at the gym or a boot camp and is feeling like it’s all for nothing please don;t be disheartened.  Look for the little goals…they are called ‘personal bests’ for a reason.

They are YOURS!

Not to be compared with anyone else’s and they should be cherished by you and used to spur you on!

I will be hitting the treadmill today and will not be getting off until I fall off tonight to see how well I can do and will post my progress on my Facebook page tomorrow for you to see so if you are interested pop on over and chuck me a like.


7 thoughts on “Hitting a Personal Best

  1. Reblogged this on frickingvikki and commented:

    Well, after writing this blog, I felt spurred on to keep pushing myself and last night I hit 5k 🙂
    My first ever 5k!!
    Would love to hear your stories guys so get in touch or just give me a motivational ‘WOOHOO’ to keep me going!!

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