Starting as I mean to go on…Chocka block January!!

Well, 2015 has definitely started with a jam packed schedule for me and it seems to have a very positive undertone which I’m very happy about s past years have been a real struggle!

image12Firstly, I waved goodbye to a very dear friend, raving buddy and fellow blogger as she embarked on her year travelling.  Lucy, who some of you may know as Absolutely Lucy, has been a massive influence in my life since we met on a beach in Croatia whilst we were both taking part in Hideout Festival  back in 2013.  It is Lucy that got me into writing; whether she saw something in me that I didn’t or just wanted to get someone else on her bloggers meet up list I don’t know, but either way she has helped me to start a blog, meet new people and look at life in a completely different way.  We have been to ore parties together, sat in more toilet cubicles hugging together, eaten more food together and spend more time chatting online or by text than anyone else I know and to think of all the things that we have packed into our short friendship already makes my head spin!

Saying farewell ( I refuse to say goodbye as it is too final) to Lucy has been both a negative and a positive start to my year as I now have a Ruthnum shaped hole in my life that no one else could ever quite fill, but I want her happy and I know for someone with such a free spirit, her trip is going to bring her back to me a more HD version of the girl I love!  10420779_10152451570177617_2385704851460406287_n

I have also started the year by booking myself a little trip as well.  me, Mark and 19 other people are all heading off to Barcelona in July!  We’ve clubbed together and rented a yacht as well which is something I thought I would never get to do on my small salary and i can;t wait to get there and live indexthe high life for a week!  This has had a massive impact on my day to day life as well, as it has finally spurred me on to going to the gym at lest 4 times a week, watching my food a bit more and saving my pennies.  All things I wanted to incorporate into my life anyway but now I have a goal and a reason to actually do it, I’m hopeful that when I come back off holiday, those things will be routine for me and I can carry on the positive lifestyle that I am gearing up for now.  My friend even made an inspirational picture for me to stick on my fridge which I think you will agree is both funny and slightly scary all at the same time lol!10389346_555561551241074_4350196080932960062_n

I’ve also seemed to start 2015 with a little bit of luck as I have won two Twitter competitions so far, one was a trip to Twycross Zoo, which I gave to my monkey loving nephew as a birthday present, and just a few days ago, a £10 Nando’s gift card, which meant that me and Mark got a chance to eat out last week and have a little treat 🙂  Think I shall be buying a lottery ticket soon as well and see how much I can push my luck whilst I can!

Another great thing is the love my blog seems to be getting now that the year is new.  Not only have i been lucky enough to have some new followers, I also hit the 1000 likes benchmark on my Facebook page AND my blog on getting my fringe cut has earned me a free hair cut and blow dry at Boldero and Filbys, the salon I wrote about so I can even head into February with a new hair style as well!  I’ve also found a new bloggers meet up in Norwich where it seems I will be welcome to go to as well, so new friends! Yeay!

I’m hoping that your 2015 is starting as well as mine is and that my own luck continues through.  Let me know about anything great that has happened to you so far and lets spread the love and luck about!


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