My Week in Bulletpoints…..

This week has been a pretty dull one if I’m honest, with lots of illness and saving pennies for my birthday celebrations next weekend BUT even though my life has been pretty mundane there have still been some things that have made me quite excited!

1. WE landed a probe on a COMET! – I am a bit of a science geek so this news story has really captured me! Ten years ago, we built a robot, called it Philae, and sent it on a mission to land on a comet. Philae traveled 6.4 BILLION km, and touched down safely on a comet yesterday.  This is AMAZING in every way and is more of a reason to be proud to be part of the human race than X Factor or Football if you ask me!

2. I finally had my fringe cut – LIGHT years away from how cool number one is but I finally pulled my finger out and went to get my fringe cut, which means I can now see the world again and have no need to start wearing my hair in a top knot! Phew!

3. I got my laptop back! – My laptop has been broken for about 2 years.  I managed to pour a whole kettle of boiling water over it whilst I was filling up my hot water bottle and it sizzled and died…until now!  This in itself is not very interesting, however two years ago, my life and me were going through some major changes and on opening my laptop yesterday, I was shocked to see just how much I have grown up! It was like opening a time capsule; old music, photos of my life in Coventry that I haven’t thought about or looked at since I came home to Norfolk.  Videos of good times with old friends, photos of my a LOT skinnier and BLONDE! As nice as it is to see how I’ve grown and changed as a woman, it was also a little sad to see all that life, stored away and forgotten about like it never happened. One thing is for sure, my iTunes needs updating lol!

4. The countdown to my birthday officially begun! Normally I’m not too bothered by birthdays, but this one is a big one for me – THIRTY! I have to say, I am actually quite looking forward to seeing what my 30’s bring me, since my 20’s was as diverse and full speed as you can get, with many changes, good and bad times and fantastic people floating in and out of them.  And I’ll admit, I am looking forward to being thoroughly spoilt by Mark!!  🙂

5.  I helped my friend raise awareness for Movember – Probably one of my new favorite blogs that I have written was yesterdays entry regarding my friend Sophie’s Movember campaign.  Every day, she dresses up as a famous moustache sporting person and takes a picture to help raise money and awareness for Movember.  Her Dad, the late Alvin Stardust dies in October of prostate cancer, so this is something that she holds very dear to her heart now and I wanted to help.  Read the full blog and look at her pics so far by clicking here

10612703_10152500372936342_4682423405321660913_n 150132_10152502189076342_3935627874707431666_n 1908458_10152498628276342_1505462394641360089_n10502378_10152503868276342_1305296666493198294_n

As well as the above, this week I also:

  • Kicked butt at the gym…I am still aching from this as proof!
  • Cooked Bang Bang turkey stir fry which was AMAZING!
  • Declared War on a leaf blower ( Don’t ask, I’m sure there will be a blog about it soon enough!)
  • Got irate about Dapper Laughs, then got happy because his show got cancelled
  • Discovered my birthday dress may take TWENTY FIVE WORKING DAYS to reach me 😦 (my birthday is in a week….sigh)
  • Drank 42 cups of green tea and ate two family sized bags of spinach in a vain attempt to feel more healthy

So all in all, a pretty standard week and even though, not very exciting, still a good one 🙂


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