Sprinkling some Stardust over Movember

I don’t know what’s coming over me lately guys! All my blogs have started to be a bit more grown up and serious in topic (probably because the big 3-0 is looming next week and I’m finally maturing!), with last week’s entry on Brittany Maynard and Death with Dignity being a great little conversation starter with you all. I loved hearing your opinions on that one.

This week, I am sticking with the serious topic, but there is a fun undertone to this one so keep reading!

220px-Alvin_Stardust_-_TopPop_1974_8You may have read in the news in last month that glam rock star from the 70’s, Alvin Stardust unfortunately died on 23rd October 2014 after a short battle with prostate cancer.

A very sad but beautiful day for his family, friends and fans, who all gathered for his funeral in Swansea, Wales to pay their last respects.

I am fortunate enough to know his daughter, Sophie Jewry through my ladies networking lunch I attend once a month through work, and I have begun to follow her work on Facebook and Twitter and am slowly regarding her as a bit of a role model!

So when I saw that she was campaigning for Movember in remembrance of her Dad, I knew immediately that I wanted to help raise awareness. It helps that Sophie is incredibly creative and her campaign for Movember is definitely a cut above the rest.

10665066_10152482089286342_5924811340382102872_nStarting with a very simple idea, she has been taking photos of herself donning a different moustache design each day of November. Thirteen days in and she has started to gain momentum with her ideas, each one more inventive and brighter than the rest and I for one am loving seeing it appear on my newsfeed every day!10612703_10152500372936342_4682423405321660913_n

I have included some of my favourites for you to see, however to view the full range of pics and to donate to a great cause, head over to her fundraising page www.teamstardust.com or look for the #teamstardust on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to track her progress.

Day 13 of ‪#‎Movember. Please SHARE and DONATE £1 – I’m doing this in memory of my lovely dad ‪#‎alvinstardust to raise awareness and much needed funds to help with ‪#‎prostate and ‪#‎testicular ‪#‎cancer research and support and help keep our menfolk healthy.

The message to all guys is: GET CHECKED!

Why not join ‪#‎teamstardust and help us spread the word?

You can donate and/or join our team here:http://uk.movember.com/team/1682289

Find out more about #teamstardust at www.teamstardust.com and see how else you can get involved.1908458_10152498628276342_1505462394641360089_n

Thank you xx”

  • Sophie Jewry

150132_10152502189076342_3935627874707431666_nTo find out more about Movember and the work that they do, wiggle on over to http://uk.movember.com , which is exactly what I did to bring you this info graphic giving you the stats you need to see why this is such a worthwhile cause.


I know that the men in my life put off going to the Doctors far longer than I do, and we women sometimes forget that it is harder for guys to talk to each other about health issues than it is for us. I wouldn’t think twice about going to my friends and talking about anything that I was worried about, but men all too often suffer in silence and this leads to late diagnosis and sometimes, a worse outcome than is needed.

If you a guy, break the taboos surrounding men’s health, talk to each other and far more importantly GO SEE A DOCTOR as soon as you can if you are worried and ensure you get regularly checked for things like prostate cancer as it can be largely symptomless until it’s too late.

Remember, your Doctor has trained to do this job and your penis or bottom will not be the first or last that they will see that day, so there is no reason to be embarrassed.10502378_10152503868276342_1305296666493198294_n

Twenty minutes of embarrassment at a Doctor is FAR better than losing years of your life because of something that could have been caught early and fixed.


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