A weekend of celebrating the ones I love

1441388_384795848317646_1069471749_nThis weekend was by far the most amazing little weekend I have had for a long time, with a double celebration all tied in with Firework night, which made it all that little bit more special.

My weekend started with fireworks in fact, and me and Mark went to meet my family and joined over 10,000 other King’s Lynn folk to enjoy the free council run ‘Fawkes in the Walks’ firework display. Credit where credit is due, our council pull out the stops for this event and I have to say I was very impressed. Eating donuts snuggling into Mark and watching my nephew bounce about with glee was lovely.

After that, my big sister, Kirsty celebrated her birthday on Saturday and me and Mark headed over on Thursday to tell her about her present from us. As she has two small children, time on her own and pampering herself are two things that are in very short supply, so we clubbed together and treated her to a half day spa experience at Images Spa, Knights Hill Hotel in King’s Lynn.Z. Party Time - c.1989.

I had been the previous year for my birthday, and had loved the 30 minute treatment / mineral room experience that the ‘Discovery Package’ gets you and I knew that she would love the peace and quiet just as much as I had.

She nearly cried when we told her, and it was lovely to see that our gift meant something to her, rather than just getting her a gift from New Look, she appreciated that we had given her something she didn’t get a lot of; time to herself.download

And to put the cherry on the cake, I got to spend the morning hanging out with my nephews at Planet Zoom, and indoor play area for kids at the local bowling alley, where we dived in ball pools, climbed to the top of the world and zipped about in our alien space pod right through till lunch time.

20141108_112043 20141108_102055 20141108_100301

Picking my sister up, she looked like a different woman! Glowing skin and soft hair, she walked differently and almost floated over to the car!

Saturday was also my 2 year anniversary with Mark so we took my sister to lunch, enjoying a glass of Prosecco each, with J2O for the kids and we toasted our double celebration over lunch before parting ways and getting on with our evenings. As Mark had work that night, we decided to put off our own celebrations till the Sunday, so that we could spend quality time together with no interruptions which is exactly what we did.

Mark knows how much I love Starbucks and as we don’t have one in our town, he drove me over to the next town and bought me an Eggnog latte in a red cup; my absolute favourite!! The boy definitely knows me!

Next, we walked around town, picked up some films and some goodies and stopped off for a quick drink in our local, and the place that me and Mark first met.

Last year, we went in and did a kiss pic and said that every year, we would go back and do the same. I’m quite a sentimental person and the thought of collecting pictures of us kissing in the place we met every year we’re together really appealed to me and I’m lucky that my boyfriend is just as romantic as I am.


The rest of the night was spent just us, snuggled up on the sofa watching movies, I’d picked ‘Pompei’ as I love a good ancient Rome film and Mark had selected ‘Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift’; neither of us are into our romantic films, and with a Chinese ordered and a bottle of wine poured, we marked our 2 year anniversary in a way we were both very happy with.

It’s amazing what a difference a great weekend makes to the rest of your week and so far, I am carrying the positive vibes with me through to Tuesday and will carry on doing so all week.

It was nice to spend time with family, something I don’t get to do too often since our hectic schedules hardly ever match and it made me think that I should make more time to be with them, as we all should, and not just around holidays and special occasions.

I feel a life prioritisation coming on in the new year!!!


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