5 reasons why I am definitely a Winter loving Snow Bunny

I am not a summer girl.  The thought of summer fills me with dread for many reasons and I sit at my desk, looking at the sunshine out my window and wish for snow.

Firstly, its prettier than sunshine; all glittery and white and makes everything look clean and fresh, even if it is just for a little while.  Secondly, I hate how little clothing you have to wear in summer; forced to get out white legs and un-toned thighs.  I hate ice cream, being sweaty and bugs…all things that you cannot escape from in summer.

Now, get to October and I am suddenly excited! There are many, many reasons for this but here are my top 5 reasons to love autumn!

1) Woolly ANYTHING! – Woolly hats, woolly blankets, woolly socks! I love knitted warmth and as soon as the weather turns you will find me with more wool on me than a sheep.  I have sooo many bobble hat and glove sets and I’m always sad when they have to be packed away in the warmer weather.  Everyone looks cute and nonthreatening in knitwear, like we’re all a bunch of little kids again in mittens and scarfs.

2) Autumn events are ACE! – Halloween, Firework Night and Christmas……summer may have festivals and BBQ’s but they don’t touch on the magic of these three events.  Add to that mine and Marks anniversary in November and two weeks after that my birthday and I have so much more to be excited about in the darker months than at any point in summer.

3) Food is better! – Summer is all salads and fruit flavored ice treats, which I for one am not a massive fan of.  Autumn brings with it casseroles, sticky toffee pudding and custard and all the other comfort foods that get forgotten about when the weather is too hot.  The local market looks amazing at this time of year too, with turnips, pumpkins and all manner of squashes adding color, and all of which taste fantastic! Coffee shops bring out their spiced Christmas flavors which I am a MASSIVE advocate for (eggnog latte is the reason I gain 15 pounds every Winter!) and fruit cake and gingerbread can be found everywhere!

4) Hugs and snuggles! – There is NOTHING I love more than hugs and snuggling up with loved ones under duvets or blankets.  Summer makes it impossible to touch another human being without melting but winter is truly the season for the romantics out there, which I am! The colder air is the perfect excuse to hold everyone close and hugging reduces stress, releases endorphins and basically makes us all happy little chaps, which can never be bad!

5) Candles and dim lighting and SNOW! – Anyone who has been to my flat knows I have a little Yankee candle obsession, so now the nights are longer, I get more time with my favorite scents.  Dim lighting makes me feel cosy and makes anywhere seem homely and its easier to relax in a nice warm feeling room with twinkly lights and flickering candles 🙂  By far the best thing for me about winter is snow as well.  The cold noses and fingers are worth it to see the world smothered in a crisp, clean covering of snow and it puts a muffler on the everyday noises that drown out far to much of what I love about nature.  And how lovely it is to be warm inside and look out onto a peaceful, snowy scene, with bird footprints and we never get to see.


I am most definitely a snow bunny, and am even planning my next holiday somewhere with ski slopes and wood cabins.

How about you?  What season makes you happy and content?


4 thoughts on “5 reasons why I am definitely a Winter loving Snow Bunny

  1. I agree, with everything! I’m not a summer person either. I was when I was a kid bit now my days are spent in a windowless office for 10+ hours a day. I think snow is prettier than sunshine too.

  2. I love winter too! Hats and scarves and big woolly jumpers, it’s the best time of year! We hardly ever get snow here, but we do get a good frost which makes things very sparkly!

      1. I’m in Plymouth – we had bad snow a few years ago which caused days of mass panic, we don’t cope well with weather down here!

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