Cocktails at Archers, getting ‘Social’ and possibly the most perfect Sunday ever

IMG_20141011_223357This weekend was always going to be a good one. Friday night was my girl Absolutely Lucy’s first King’s Lynn bloggers meet and she had chosen the newly re branded Archers café as her venue.

With a new menu for the daytime and a carefully chosen list of cocktails for the evenings, Archers has made itself a little nook of elegance and class in an otherwise ‘Chicago’s Rock Café’ dominated town and I for one am happy to see it open and do well.

10411184_538562149607681_3546340656475523939_nThe venue is small, but in an intimate way that is cozy rather than crammed and the décor is vintage and homely with big arm chairs lining one wall and candle lit tables topped with fresh flowers throughout.

We were there for two reasons; to talk about blogging with like minded people and to drink cocktails, as this is the only bar in King’s Lynn that serves what I think to be real cocktails, rather than £7 pitchers of WKD and Reef with more ice than alcohol.

Lucy had timed her blog meet to start bang on happy hour and we enjoyed the ‘3 for £12’, starting with a ‘Porn Star’ for me; a delicious mix of passion fruit, rum and a side shot of Prosecco with a fresh slice of passion fruit floating inside. Next up was a White Russian and an Espresso Martini, which looked amazing but tasted a bit too much like coffee and less like a cocktail for my liking. As I had rushed out and had skipped dinner, I took advantage of their evening nibble menu and ordered a portion of ‘Posh Fries’, which were potato fries with parmesan and rosemary, served with ketchup, which were tasty and hot

and went down a treat.IMG_20141011_223510

As we were all talking away, The Puppeteers started their set. The Puppeteers have been busking around the town centre on weekends for a few years now, and their folky eclectic mix of guitars, violins and a bass box have bought live to the high street. It was nice to hear them properly, with mics and a sound system as when they perform in town, the noise of the people means that they shout a lot and they loose a bit of their appeal. They are a cover band predominantly, with my favorites being their rendition of The Lumineers and a mash up of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Danny California’ and Aloe Blaccs ‘I need a dollar’.20141010_193939

We left Archers just after 9:30pm, laughing and comfortably merry and wandered over to King’s Lynn’s other re branded bar, ‘Social’.

Social is bigger than Archers, with a glam black and grey décor that is a definite improvement from what it used to look like. I like what they have done to the place, but as it was pretty empty when we were there (town doesn’t normally pick up till about 11pm), it was hard to judge what kind of atmosphere to expect from it going forward. The drinks menu is reasonably priced and we opted for pitchers this time as we weren’t planning to stay long. We ordered a Mojito and a ‘Social’ 10711094_10152341528092617_383210633616661882_ncocktail, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed in the mojito as it looked and tasted like a premix, rather than a fresh rum and mint mix as it should be, but I was impressed by the ‘Social’; bright turquoise, fruity and fresh, I had three glasses and would have happily had more if there had been more to go round.


The rest of the night was a bit of a blur of giggling and dancing and I barely remember getting home, although was assured that I behaved myself.

Saturday was a muggled day of hangovers and work and I just wanted it over with as quickly as possible, however Sunday very quickly became my favorite day of the entire week!

It started with my weekly trip to the launderette and a phone call from my sister saying that my little nephew, Harrison had been asking to come see me. Twenty minutes later and my sister, Harrison and little baby Stanley arrived and we left my socks spinning around in the machine and wandered into town for Costa coffee and a cake, followed by a lovely misty walk down by the riverside as we sipped our coffee (Harrison had a chocolate babychino, which is warmed frothy milk with a marshmallow in, served in the cutest little cup). Harrison loved having a tiny version of our drinks and would not throw his away until we were done with ours too, sipping out of the little hole like a pro and munching on his gingerbread ghost biscuit.


A quick stop at the fruit and veg stall in town and I walked home to wake Mark up and start our half of the day.

We wandered around town, window shopping and giggling together, before a Sunday must have of a quick drink in the pub and as we walked home, we saw that the new Dracula film was due to start so we decided to be spontaneous and go in! The film was ok, but not spectacular, with big holes in the storyline, however the acting was good enough for you to let it go and just enjoy.

After the film, I cooked an amazing lamb roast, and we ended our Sunday Funday with a duvet on the sofa, a box set and some chocolate, which is exactly what a weekend should be.

My antics over the weekend have definitely set me up for the rainy and cold Monday morning and I am still smiling from ear to ear at the thought of the girls, the family and good times with Mark that I have hadand I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me.

I hope your weekend was as great as mine and I would love to hear about it!


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