Going for the chop with Boldero & Filby

5436_463859783686581_284666027_nIt’s something I have been putting off and putting off but last Saturday I booked myself into a salon and finally gave my hair a much needed chop.  I had quit smoking 11 days previously and wanted to do something with the £32.64 that I had saved so far and as I had been wistfully flicking through pics of chunky fringe hair cuts for weeks, decided that a hair cut would be a great way to mark my achievement so far.

It was something that my hair had been crying out for for months but I am trying to grow it back to its former glory and had been trying to grow it to a length I would be happy with before I went and had some taken off.  Its such a struggle, as to get it to grow you need to cut off the damage, but cutting it makes it shorter and I wasn’t ready for that until now.

I’ve never been one for hair salons.  They make me uncomfortable and I HATE making small talk with people I know, let alone strangers so had been having my hair cut by hairdresser friends for years, however, wanted this to be a treat and spoil myself for a change, rather than leaning over someones bathtub, I wanted my shampoo and conditioner massaged in and people making a fuss of me for a little while.

I booked in at King’s Lynn’s Boldero & Filby; mostly because it was just across the road from my flat but also because a few friends had recommended it to me as being friendly and relaxed and a salon that listens to what you want.  I also serve the salon owners at my other job at the restaurant and they have always been lovely guests and very chatty so I wanted to return the favor and give them my custom for a change.458560_384000508339176_1426848378_o

Bolderos is elegant outside and in, and has lush glamorous mirrors and stylish wallpaper throughout.  Their reception area is filled with comfy furniture and you feel like your waiting in their living room which helps relax you and make you feel welcome, which I did immediately.  I was greeted as soon as I came through the door by a well dressed young girl and was offered a drink which I declined as I had just chugged down a Costa latte on my way over.

1150421_526478917424667_1123629772_nFive minutes later I’m having my hair shampooed, with my head being massaged as well which was lovely and the conversation was flowing nicely.  She seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing that night and why I was having my hair done and she mentioned that she didn’t recognise me as an existing customer, which goes to show that they like to remember their clients and make it more personable when they do return.

I was passed onto my hairdresser a few moments later and she was lovely; asked to see any pics I had with me and talked me through some adjustments she would like to make to better suit my face shape.

She listened when I told her why I didn’t want too much off, but also advised that I would need more off than I wanted in order for it to grow and we compromised on a length I was happy with.  I liked this interaction, as with previous salons I’d been to in the past would just blindly cut whatever you showed them in a magazine, without caring how it would actually look, and I  sat back, relaxed and confident that I would look good when she was finished.

Half an hour later, I was done and blow dried to perfection and I loved it.  My hair looked thicker and healthier than it had done in months and my new chunky fringe was exactly how I imaged it would be, slightly curved round my face and layered down the front and it made me suddenly look more stylish and classy….much better than the bleach raddled, wispy length I had been hanging on to and the outgrown side fringe from before.


The price was good as well, considering all the advice and pampering I had received and I showed my gratitude with a nice tip for my hairdresser.

I left and sashayed home to show Mark, who gave me my first ever ‘Wow’ and spent the rest of the day telling me who much he liked it and how beautiful I looked.BzHPF81IcAAk3mp.jpg large

I am now a big fan of Boldero and Filby and highly recommend them to anyone that lives close by, and will be returning for my free fringe trims and future cuts and colours 🙂


To book an appointment at Boldero and Filby and view a gallery of their work: https://www.facebook.com/bolderoandfilby?fref=ts


3 thoughts on “Going for the chop with Boldero & Filby

  1. Hi vikki,
    I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for your very kind and positive review of our salon. I must apologise for not seeing it sooner and not sure how I missed it! We are thrilled that you had such a great experience and because you work in customer service too realise how important it is to recognise good service when you get it. Thankyou for taking the time to write the blog and as a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you a voucher for your next cut and blow dry. We will have it waiting for you at reception. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Terry Boldero and Caroline Filby

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