Taking FrickingVikki to the next level

Blogging is a scary thing, especially when you have decided to write about your life, rather than products or fashion.  An online diary as my boyfriend says; pretty spot on really.  Obviously I don’t write down every single though and feeling but when something happens that does make me want to hit the keyboard, I don’t hold back.  And so far, it’s been a bit of a journey.

906bbd9ec1510cfb6e3bd000d3374d56Frickingvikki started out as a music and band review blog, but living in a small town and with no car, I soon found out that I was writing about the same 6 bands in the same three venues and my following dried up.  It did get me noticed by the local paper though, who asked me to write up a big event once, but that was the only highlight to come of my first attempt at blogging! I didn’t write for a few months after that, as I wasn’t sure what I would write about.  Music is such a big part of my life, but finding new material that isn’t just album reviews proved to be hard.  I’m not really into fashion, I barely wear make up anymore and anyway, that side of blogging seemed to have enough people representing it already.1236954_414967905300440_367773369_n

It didn’t help that every time I did try and write something for me, I got abuse online from readers rather than creative criticism, to the point where I started to question whether I should be doing it at all!

Then, just as I had given up on the idea of being a blogger, one of my friends held a dinner party.  Spanish night to be precise, and the girls descended for paella and Rioja and the conversation started to flow.  As with most groups of girls, it doesn’t take long for you to cover most subjects and  with our little gang, there is normally a difference of opinion that leads us into a healthy debate or two.

1781518_438284456302118_951304678_oI found that my role in our conversations always seemed to end up with me asking questions, to delve a little further into what they felt about something (or someone!) and I very rarely gave an opinion of my own but would prefer to listen to them talk away and pipe up with something every now and again to change the direction of the conversation.

After I got home that night, wine fueled and full up, I had so many questions buzzing through my head, based solely on the topics of conversation we had covered that night and it got me thinking; maybe I should write a blog based on this. If between the 12 intelligent, articulate women that form our friendship circle, we were struggling with certain things, then surely others would be too.

FrickingVikki was reborn, as a lifestyle blog that would cover anything that either myself or my friends questioned or experienced.  If it came up in conversation, then I would write about it, to the point now that before they tell the group a story, they state whether or not it is ‘bloggable’!1538892_457265344404029_9194492569540644681_n

This has proved to be so popular now that I have recently decided to make FrickingVikki a blog brand, and I now have my own Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account instead of just leaching out my work on my personal accounts.

I feel positive about the direction that I am taking now, and even though it is still in the early stages, I am starting to see real progress.

I guess what I’m saying is this; if you are feeling like your blog isn’t getting anywhere or questioning why you are even bothering at all, sometimes it takes a bit of a break and a reassessment to get you back on track.  If you had the inclination to start a blog, then you are already a writer, so keep going.  Write for you, not for others and I guarantee that you will find more people that identify and engage than if you do what you think a blogger should do.


I’m lucky, I have an incredibly talented mentor in the shape of Lucy Ruthnum (her blog, absolutelucy is what inspired me in the first place) and she teaches me real lessons in writing and being true to myself every day and she is always on hand when I am struggling with something.


I hope that you enjoy my blog and that you look forward to my posts just as much as I like writing them.


If you have your own blog, please feel free to give me the link below and i will have a read.  BLOGGERS UNITE!! :)

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