Valentines Day…..When your NOT single but still spending it alone…

Valentines Day…usually dreaded by singles the World over, and looked forward to with smugness from anyone coupled up.  So why is it that THIS year, all my single friends are smiling and have plans, and the three of us WITH boyfriends will be spending it alone?

With my boyfriends chosen career taking him away from me at every big holiday / special occasion / celebration due to him being a Dj that has to work, and my two jobs taking up most of my time I’m used to having to spend every calendar-circled  date alone and rearranging to the next available date we both have off.  Valentines 2014 will now be celebrated by us on 19th February, New years 2014 was spent working side by side (me on the bar, him in the booth) with a quick kiss at midnight and a sleepy after party at my friends.

It made me wonder just how many people that are coupled up will actually be alone on the big day? One of my friends boyfriends is in the military so she is constantly having to reschedule big events, another has gone travelling and left his girlfriend here (they Skype but Im told its not the same).

Working in a restaurant, I see more and more singles coming out to celebrate NOT being in love on Valentines Day, and more and more of my attached friends annoyed that they have a chick flick and a meal for one waiting for them.

Is being in a relationship so expensive these days that we cannot actually afford to take the time to celebrate our love for one another?  Is being single the new big romance?

I don’t know, but whilst I’m eating my dinner from a plastic container and sighing over why Drew Barrymore cannot get it right AGAIN, I will be desperately trying to stay awake just for a Valentines kiss from my man and reading about my single friends amazing dinner that they just had at the romantic restaurant in town on Facebook 😦


4 thoughts on “Valentines Day…..When your NOT single but still spending it alone…

  1. I know the feeling of spending it alone – there has been too many years of it falling on a day when I have to work late or boyfriend had been on a late shift or something and I’ve ended up on my own – life just gets in the way! Sucks, but that’s a real relationship for you. Let’s just hope this year is a bit better!

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