A Dj’s Girlfriend…

I was tagged in this post yesterday on Facebook, and I have to say I cannot agree more!

It’s easy to think that being a Dj’s girlfriend is all parties and glamour , but the reality is very different…often carrying cd cases in heels, standing alone on the dance floor supporting at gigs, late night wake ups and by far the worst, watching drunken girls form a queue to ask for songs, kisses and sometimes more from the man you love.

Don’t get me wrong, the perks are many and can sometimes be great and I wouldn’t swap my boyfriend for the World…however it is nice to have some recognition for the struggle that it can sometimes be.


‘A DJ’s Girlfriend’

‘2 words…Challenging and rewarding…Being a Dj’s girlfriend isn’t always easy, it’s not always glamorous

She has to trust, to understand, to compromise, to be patient and to have respect

She sleeps alone most nights

She eats breakfast when he is eating dinner

She goes to work when he comes home

She gives her full support

She devotes her life to his  job

A Dj’s girlfriend understands……

He works 24 / 7

He deals with drunk people every night

He has girls flirt with him all the time

His job is never safe

he has no social life

he is ALWAYS tired

His job means EVERYTHING

As a Dj’s girlfriend we are PROUD our boyfriends love us

Sometimes its hard, but it is worth it



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